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Dear users:

MOMO contract deal?of the Weekly "Mondays" Twitter list opens next Monday! "Once a week", every "Monday" list, you can take the award, come and join!

Welcome to follow MOMO's official Twitter, @Momoex8, no limit on the number of open positions, no limit on contract trading pairs. As long as you post your best yield, you can get THE MM award of USDT and MOMO platform points! Specific rules are as follows:

Tweet from: Singapore time on Monday, July 20, 2020 00:00:00-23:59:59

Participation Mode:

1. Within the Posting time, click "Share" on the open position page to generate the income chart and share it on Twitter, and post your screenshot of the yield. There is no restriction on contract trading and the number of open positions;

2. You can post your order for many times, and the "Strength open warehouse award" will be issued to qualified sellers with the highest yield rate within the Posting time;

3. Yield requirement: The yield required by you should be positive;

4. Opening requirements: Within 72 hours before the end of the activity, the accumulated opening amount in MOMO contract shall be equivalent to 100USDT;

5. Fill in the form and submit information such as THE UID of MOMO platform and the screenshot of the form posted on Twitter. The statistical time of the form is up to 18:00, July 21st.

Google form link:

Activity Instructions:

1. A UID corresponds to a Twitter number, and each UID and twitter number can only receive one activity reward;

2. MOMO staff will strictly review the authenticity of activity data, and thank participants for their support to MOMO staff;

3. MOMO will announce the list of winning users after the completion of statistics;

4. USDT and MM rewards will be issued to the coinage account within 7 working days after the end of the activity. You can check through "Asset-Coinage Account";

5. MOMO platform reserves the right to interpret the activity and handle the cheating behaviors of participating users.

Contact us:

WeChat customer service WeChat ID: MOMOEXO (pull in group)

QQ official communication group number: 885898746





Risk Warning:

Digital assets are innovative investment products, and their prices fluctuate greatly. Please judge your investment ability rationally and make investment decisions prudently.

Thank you for your support for The team looks forward to your valuable comments.


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